Can I get surgery to change my voice?

Transgender Voice Surgery is popular among trans people nowadays.

Estrogen and/or testosterone can fail giving transgender people a voice that they’ve wished for.

As long as you keep realistic, achievable and reasonable expectations, then a desired voice tone can be achieved via voice masculinization surgery (voice deepening surgery) and voice feminization surgery.

How long does voice feminization surgery take?

Voice feminization/lifting and voice masculinization/deepening is possible with a quick surgical procedure.

Voice feminization surgery (voice lifting) usually takes 1-to-2 hours.

What methods used for voice feminization surgery ?

Transgender patients seek voice feminization surgery seek Voice lift/voice pitch raise surgery.

This is the most common technique where doctor suture the anterior 1/3 front part of the vocal cords together to shorten the length of the vocal cords. This effectively shortens the vibratory length of the vocal cords and elevates the comfortable speaking pitch. It is an outpatient surgery.

Second technique perform being used to obtain a more feminine voice is Laser Glottoplasty. A laser is used to tighten the vocal cords and reduce mass. It is performed under general anesthesia and through the mouth. Laser beams reduce the thickness of the vocal cord layers (epithelium, ligament and muscle tissue) that results in a raise in the pitch.

The third technique being used is a procedure called cricothyroid approximation. Back in the days, this method was the most popular way to raise the pitch of voice, however, it can make the Adam’s apple look large therefore not much preferred due to its lack of long-last affect.

How long does voice masculinization surgery take?

Voice masculinization (voice deepening) usually takes 45 minutes under local anesthesia.

Voice masculinization surgery can be performed on both pre or post FTM transgendered clients, FTN and gender-neutral individuals seeking lower pitched voices.

Who can perform voice masculinization or voice feminization surgery?

Only Otolaryngology ENT specialist can perform voice surgery.

Luckily, professor is a skilled surgeon who quite often performs voice masculinization surgery for FTM and voice feminization surgery for MTF transgender people.

Is transgender voice surgery a difficult surgery? Is voice feminization surgery a difficult surgery?

Its a low-risk type surgery with a relatively quick & comfortable healing process. Patients usually get discharged right after the surgery.

Is voice feminization surgery an expensive? How much does voice feminization surgery cost?

Both voice feminization and voice deepening, voice masculinization surgery costs are the same.

Cost of voice feminization surgery is 1/3rd of Euro zone region and South Korea. Excellent methods at reasonable price.

Does voice feminization surgery work?

Yes, it does. Please ask us to send you few videos for your review & consideration.

Can the surgery be revised if I wish for more pitch reduction? Is there a cost?

Yes, revision surgery is possible. You will only be asked to pay hospital costs (which is minimal) during your revision surgery.

How will I know I am eligible for voice masculinization surgery?

When you get in touch with us, we will ask you few questions and a short-video recording your voice. Doctor will analyze and if you are a good candidate then he will book online consultation prior to your trip.

Do you need more info on voice masculinization surgery?

Do you have more questions about voice feminization surgery?

Male to female voice surgery (Voice feminization surgery) related questions will be welcomed via email.

Female to male voice surgery (Voice masculinization surgery) related questions will be welcomed via email.

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