Why Turkey, India, Mexico has become renowned with its medical tourism?

There are several reasons for that but mainly:
1-Price: Transgender surgery is cost-efficient due to high currency exchange rate in local currency
2-Award Winning Doctors/Medical facilities: up to date in many fields and especially equipments & techniques.
3-Ready Tourism infrastructure: They have built a very good touristic infrastructure not only in Cultural or Sea Tourism, but also for Medical Tourism where you are able to combine your Medical trip with a vacation
4-Location: The location of the country suits most of the people around the world. It’s only 2–4 hours flight distance to the whole of Europe and the Middle East.

Why many transgender people travel to get their plastic surgery , reconstructive surgery and aesthetic operations? Is it safe?

Buena ubicación geográfica y fácil acceso desde todos los demás países, los mejores médicos, las mejores instalaciones, consultores seguros y 7/24 que le ofrecen los mejores servicios a un precio asequible.

There area many innovative aesthetic centers  where professional plastic surgeons are skillful & artful with over 20 Years of experience on cosmetic surgery. Safe & affordable medical services comply with  international high standards.With its high-tech and fully equipped hospitals and VIP Patient rooms, they assure transgender patients to get the best-personalized care they deserve.

How much does it cost to get FTM Top Surgery ?

FTM top surgery costs, top surgery price list can be subject to change due to day-to-day currency exchange rate fluctuations in local currency. Yet, we can easily say that you can afford FTM Top Surgery privately thanks to high currency exchange rate. Depending on the chest size, breast size, skin type of a trans men, procedure of his top surgery will be decided by surgeon during examination. Surgeon will provide you the best available rate for female-to-male (FTM) Top surgery rate after evaluating your photos. We can assure you that trans masculine top surgery, chest masculinization, (transgender mastectomy) cost is affordable in Turkey and 50% cheaper than EU region.

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How much does it cost to get MTF Top Surgery ?

Usted puede obtener cotizaciones de un par de nuestros cirujanos sugeridos para el aumento de senos Hombre a Mujer (MTF), sentir los implantes e incluso utilizar Vector 3D para visualizar / revisar su resultado post-operatorio de antemano. Nos aseguramos de que las mujeres transgénero MTF reciban los mejores servicios de atención médica, mejoren sus pechos y feminicen el pecho al mejor precio mientras visitan lugares increíbles en Estambul.

Every year, hundreds of transgendered people from the Europe, England, and Asiat travel to undergo cosmetic, gender confirmation surgeries, gender reassignment surgeries (GRS).

Cada paciente es especial para nosotros. Apoyamos a los pacientes transgénero en todos los aspectos antes, durante y después del tratamiento.

No dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros para obtener más detalles.