How do you prepare a bag for FTM top surgery?

What to pack for your FTM top surgery trip to Istanbul?

Your comfort during FTM Top Surgery is prioritized so we want to lead you to right direction.

Behind every successful FTM top surgery procedure is the careful pre-op top surgery preparation.

We know that you will get super excited once you schedule your top surgery trip to Istanbul, so we decided to help you out with FTM top surgery (female-to-male top surgery) basic check list:

  1. Travel neck pillow
  2. Body /Baby wipes, Dry shampoo (if you want)
  3. Bath wipes These are really good for washing the top of your body without getting water near your incisions. Plus you dont have to rinse off – it dries without residue and is gentle on skin.
  4. Bendy straws / adult sipping cups -you need to be well hydrated
  5. Oversize button down shirts/t-shirt/zip up hoodie sweaters, athletic loose pants so it will be easy to wear & take it off
  6. Flip flops, slippers or crocs will be essential part of your FTM top surgery packing list
  7. Depending on the season of your ftm top surgery in Istanbul, cloth recommendations will be provided however make sure to check Accuweather forecast before packing. If you’re traveling in winter to make sure to bring a sweater that zips or buttons, not a pullover
  8. Moisturizer, Lotion, and Lip Balm will be needed post-op top surgery as aneshtesia can dry up your skin
  9. Compression socks will be supplied by Hospital
  10. Binder will be supplied by Hospital. You have to wear medical vest/binder supplied by surgeon all the time for 3 weeks long
  11. Pain relievers and Antibiotics will be prescribed by Doctor at the Hospital
  12. Long handle shower scrub This is great for washing your legs etc – no need to bend over/ bend down
  13. Stop your Testosterone intake 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after post-op (including TestoGel)
  14. Vitamin C or Multivitamin that you take regularly
  15. Magazines, iPad, laptop, audio books, any distractions to make you forget about your FTM top surgery
  16. Thermometer for checking your temperature
  17. Strepsils, pastil for soothing your throat post surgery
  18. Cotton Cloth as medical vest may squeeze your underarm pit
  19. Type C adapter is most commonly used Plug in Istanbul, Turkey
  20. A four-wheeled small cabin suitcase, which you will be able to push with much less effort
  21. Cold compress was also very good to have
  22. Electric toothbrush makes brushing teeth much easier
  23. Sim card for your phone to stay in touch with relatives can be purchased at the Airport when you arrive (Turkcell, Vodafone or Turk Telecom has pre-paid sim calls available for tourists).

Regardless of the methods Doctor uses like peri-areolar top surgery with areola reduction or keyhole top surgery or bilateral double-incision top surgery, FTM Top Surgery recovery pack remains more or less the same.

Adjust and prepare your list as you like and do not hesitate to consult us or double check with Doctor if you need it.

Contact us now to schedule your FTM Top Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey with the best surgeon of town!

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