Body Feminization Surgery (BFS)

Body feminization surgery (BFS) is also known as male to female body contouring which is a combination of surgical procedures that feminize body and give patient an attractive and feminine body shape.

Transgender Body Feminization Surgery is often combined with facial feminization surgery which is also known as FFS.

Body Feminization Surgery procedures are needed when hormone treatment (HRT) / Estrogen is not enough to achieve the desired feminine look among male to female transgender patients. That’s when surgical interventions get in the picture.

Female body shape, goals and benefits of Body Feminization Surgery will be discussed during free online consultation in Istanbul and surgeon will walk you through each step and methods he would use to give you the ideal feminine body shape.

Body feminization surgery cost

MTF Body Feminization Surgery Cost depends on your package, your needs. Currently, initial cost varies.

There may be surgery in multiple areas from breast to hips to buttocks therefore Doctor will give his price quote directly to you after examining your body.

Cost of body sculpting, liposuction, lipo filling, fat shifting, fat grafting, tummy tuck, arm and thigh lift, breast augmentation when performed as combination overall costs will be lower.

Safe liposuction techniques and Doctor’s reviews are available upon request.

The cost of body sculpting in Turkey, the cost of body sculpting in Istanbul can start as low as €3000 and goes up.

Additional discounts may be available if MTF Body Feminization Surgery is combined with MTF Breast Augmentation and Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS).

Surgeons need to see your photos & videos in order to help you and give you realistic recommendations.

Final prices for MTF Body Feminization Surgery will be determined together with Doctor during your consultation. Doctor may apply additional discounts if there are few operations combined together.

MTF Body Feminization Surgery may be right for you but you will only know that after consulting with board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

All-Inclusive Body Sculpting Package in Istanbul, Turkey are available throughout the year. All you need is to contact us so we can schedule a private meeting for you.

MTF Body Feminization Surgery before and after photos are available upon request.

Body feminization surgery candidates

MTF Body Feminization candidates are healthy transgender women who are within a normal body weight with some muscle tone and who have stubborn fat that does not responded to weight loss or diet before.

Good diet and regular exercises will still be needed for potential candidates post-op.

MTF Body feminization surgery candidates need to stay 10 to 12 days in the city during recovery.

High self-esteem and restored confidence are the main reasons why Body Feminization Surgery has become an essential stage of transition for many MTF trans women.

MTF Body Feminization Surgery check prices & reviews today!

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