Gender confirmation surgeries

Today, I want you to ask yourself — ”What do I need to do now that I feel ready for the surgery?” , ”What is my plan?”

Whether you are FTM searching for Top Surgery costs or MTF seeking facial feminization surgeons near your location. It would be good if you had a chance to consult your psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellor, family members in your home country its fine, but if you haven’t then it would be nice that you let them know about your upcoming gender confirmation surgery trip to Istanbul, Turkey beforehand. Once you do that, then we can go ahead & prioritize your needs and let them happen one by one.

Let me summarize gender confirmation surgery procedures for you:

First thing first, try contacting us by sending your photo(s) & a closed footage video about your body where you need personal analysis. Make sure you have a good, no make up , shaved and no stubble on the pictures, this is very important for a good simulation. Tell us more about what you need help with during your transgender surgery female to male process or female-to-male top surgery. After seeing your photos & video, we we will schedule your online consultations with Doctors. The available hours will be based on Istanbul time zone.

You will decide your surgeon after consulting few of them one by one via online consultation. If you have a goal, a vision for yourself on your transition journey, then you know which surgeon to choose after discussing your personal analysis.

Gender confirmation surgery before & after:

Gender confirmation surgery results and gender confirmation surgery before & after photos are private and Doctor will show previous results during your consultation. After your consultation, you will be informed of the exact price of your surgery. If you have more than one major procedures and few minor procedures Doctor may be able to apply some additional discount to your total cost.

Gender confirmation surgery cost:

Total cost offer will include doctor examination, surgery, anesthesia, blood tests, materials and the hospital stay. Please note, different currency (€, $ or £) for surgery prices depending on the country the patient lives in.

Health coverage/Medical Insurance is not accepted. Payment methods are cash or credit cards only. For credit cards (MasterCard / Visa) there will be extra bank fee charge %20 applied to total cost, please bear that in mind.

During your online consultation, doctors will listen to you, ask questions, list the procedures, techniques, quotes, along with the private before & after photos of the following surgeries: Transfeminine Top Surgery, Facial Feminization Surgery, Reduction thyrochondroplasty (tracheal shave), Transfeminine Bottom Surgery, Transmasculine Top Surgery, Transmasculine Bottom Surgery (Phalloplasty, Metoidioplasty), Voice Feminization Surgery and Voice Deepening Surgery (Voice masculinization surgery).

Once you envision yourself, then you will book your flight & hotel and schedule your gender confirmation surgery date. Make sure you sign medical history & consent form before you finalize your flight booking. You need to mail us a copy of your Passport. Doctor will ask you to wire a small downpayment fee to book the surgery room (deductible from your total surgery cost).

Most likely there is a direct flight from your city to Istanbul and in terms of Airports you can choose IST airport or SAW Airport. They both have same distance to city center and your Hospital. You can check flights availability via Turkish or

Airport transfers: If you like to take private VIP Shuttle from and/or to the airport of Istanbul you can send an email to Please mention your arrival day, arrival time and flight number. We will provide a personal and discreet service for you and will contact you directly by e-mail to make further arrangements.

Gender confirmation surgery cost in Istanbul, Turkey:

Gender confirmation surgeries are around 40% more affordable in Istanbul due to high currency exchange rate in Turkish Lira compared to long flight Asian countries. Fight Tickets, Accommodation, VIP Transfer all in one package will make you save extra 50%—Really Affordable!

We prefer to communicate through WhatsApp and E-mail, as this has proven to work best for us. No information gets lost and language barriers are less of a problem. We give Doctor’s phone number only to patients during their operative stay in Istanbul in case of emergency.

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