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Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

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Neda Transgender Surgery Advisor

Hello friends, my name is Neda and I am ftm transgender. It took me 3 years to complete my transition journey with successful surgeries.

I had the best of luck to meet talented doctors to get my Drain-Free Top Surgery. I was able to save so much money from surgery that I was able to travel around and hit the popular beach just a month later.

What did I have common with you?

I was determined to get my transition surgeries and chase my dream with tight budget. That’s right, I was able to get the latest gender reassignment surgeries from dedicated surgeons. No doubt, I had many questions and concerns beforehand. That’s why I am here today to help you out.

There are major cities in Mexico, India, Turkey, Poland and Thailand that are leader city among the medical tourism arena and has a great deal of hospital chains with latest medical technologies.

At the moment, we have millions of transgender people living & transitioning in these cities. Thanks to skilled surgeons with latest cutting edge techniques, ftm and mtf patients get delivered outstanding natural results.

Do you have a low budget?
What if your health insurance does not cover gender reassignment surgery?

No problem, you can still get your personalized gender reconfirmation surgeries at a reasonable cost, save money to enjoy the historical and commercial sites of these cities.

The Nedatransgendersurgery is designed to be an advisor for trans community and non-binary individuals where all the needs of a person can be addressed in a tailor-made approach.

Remind yourself of these 5 reasons to consider what plastic surgery abroad can offer you:

1. Educated Doctors with artistic skills. High standards set by The Ministry of Health. Hospitals that offer 5 star Hotel comfort.
2. Low-cost compared due to high currency exchange rate. Why not save money to shop, travel or explore the city?
3. Latest Surgery Techniques for ftm and mtf gender confirmation, body and breast procedures, facial rejuvenation, voice feminization surgery and voice masculinization surgery .
4. Free Guidance and Advice before, during and after the entire process even years after the surgeries are completed.
5. Supportive, Caring and Stress free as our operational department arrange your Airport transfer, Accommodation, Translation, City tours & all other needs.

You can expect to be greeted by friendly and welcoming people ready to help you to get settled in during your visit.

Frst find out if you qualify by simply checking out the mandatory prerequisites.

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