Non-Binary Top Surgery


What is Non-binary gender identity? Non-binary gender identity is any gender identity that does not fall exclusively within the binary of male or female. Can I get Non-binary Top surgery? Non-binary surgery and non-binary surgical techniques are used with non-binary identifying patients. What is non-binary surgery? Non-binary surgery is a surgery that eliminate or [...]

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Top Surgery Guide


Top Surgery Guide There are so many guide and guidelines about Top Surgery nowadays. We try to keep it short & simple and those who like to dig in more can always contact Doctor to hold free online consultation. Top Surgery Doctors hold free virtual online consultations to ease your anxiety, answer your surgery-related [...]

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FTM Voice Masculinization


Voice masculinization surgery Voice masculinization defines individualized surgical intervention aimed at changing patient's voice into more deeper frequency. Voice has to be in harmony with person's physical appearance , gender and structure. Voice masculinization surgery for transgender Doctor can alter the voice with 3 tricks. By simply changing the thickness, the length and the tension [...]

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MTF Rhinoplasty, Facial Feminization Rhinoplasty


Facial Feminization Rhinoplasty The nose is a central feature of the face and an important marker for identifying gender therefore the role of rhinoplasty surgery in transitioning transgender patients is significant. The decision to transition is not easy, but your choice of a plastic surgeon for your MTF rhinoplasty can be easy. We work with [...]

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Facial Feminization Surgery


Facial Feminization Surgery Facial feminization surgery is  set of plastic and complicated craniofacial surgical procedures to reshape masculine facial features to soften  them to have more feminine appearance. Generally, these procedures are included as part of gender confirmation surgery for male-to-female, MTF trans woman patients. What are the Pros & Cons of facial feminization surgery in [...]

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Your Online Life Coach | Virtual Coach by Melissa Ayca Yildiran


Online Life Coaching and Mentoring for Transgenders: Online coaching is a great way to set and achieve your life and transition goals. By contacting Melissa you can receive online coaching from the comfort of your home. She has the generous heart of coaching. You will enjoy her technique and explore happiness after your sessions with her. Melissa's [...]

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MTF Tracheal Shave (Adam’s Apple Reduction Surgery)


MTF Tracheal Shave (Adam's Apple Reduction Surgery) Adam's apple reduction surgery  also called a tracheal shave is a popular procedure among transgender patients as part their facial feminization surgery (FFS). Adam's apple reduction surgery is mainly preferred by trans women and non-binary trans people who wish their faces to appear more feminine by getting rid [...]

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MTF Breast Augmentation Surgery


MTF Breast Augmentation The surgical procedure for male-to-female (MTF) transgender breast augmentation is similar to traditional breast augmentation. Process is similar as well as the surgical techniques. Whether or not you have enough chest skin is the most critical thing for surgeon. Size of the implants and areola area will be discussed together with doctor [...]

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FTM Transgender Beard Transplant


FTM Transgender Full Beard Transplant Did you know that a Hair Transplant is an option if you are struggling to grow facial hair as FTM Transgender? There is a hair transplant center in Turkey provides services to FTM Transgender patients to get painless full beard & mustache transplant. FTM Trans Beard growth --We can help [...]

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Transgender Body Feminization Surgery


Body Feminization Surgery (BFS) Body feminization surgery (BFS) is also known as male to female body contouring which is a combination of surgical procedures that feminize body and give patient an attractive and feminine body shape. Transgender Body Feminization Surgery is often combined with facial feminization surgery which is also known as FFS. Body [...]

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FTM Top Surgery Pre-Op & Recovery Packing Checklist


How do you prepare a bag for FTM top surgery? What to pack for your FTM top surgery trip to Istanbul? Your comfort during FTM Top Surgery is prioritized so we want to lead you to right direction. Behind every successful FTM top surgery procedure is the careful pre-op top surgery preparation. We know [...]

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Transgender Voice Feminization Surgery and Voice Masculinization Surgery


Can I get surgery to change my voice? Transgender Voice Surgery is popular among trans people nowadays. Estrogen and/or testosterone can fail giving transgender people a voice that they've wished for. As long as you keep realistic, achievable and reasonable expectations, then a desired voice tone can be achieved via voice masculinization surgery (voice [...]

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Female to Male Surgery Cost, How much FTM Top Surgery Cost?


What is Female to Male Top Surgery? Female to male top surgery goal is to remove the breast tissue (mastectomy) from both breasts and create a transmasculine appearance to the chest. Variety of surgical procedures to confirm the physical appearance of person to their gender to threat gender dysphoria. Sex reassignment surgery (SRS) , [...]

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Why the cost of transitioning is more affordable abroad? Why transgender people travel to get their surgery?


Why Turkey, India, Mexico has become renowned with its medical tourism? There are several reasons for that but mainly: 1-Price: Transgender surgery is cost-efficient due to high currency exchange rate in local currency 2-Award Winning Doctors/Medical facilities: up to date in many fields and especially equipments & techniques. 3-Ready Tourism infrastructure: They have built a very good [...]

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What does gender confirmation surgery mean? Sex Reassignment Surgery?


What does gender confirmation and sex reassignment surgery mean? Series of surgical procedures that a transgender person choose to undergo in order to get the physical characteristics that match their gender identity and improve the quality of their lives. Female-to-male surgery, sex reassignment surgery, male-to-female surgery is some other terms you may come across [...]

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