Voice masculinization surgery

Voice masculinization defines individualized surgical intervention aimed at changing patient’s voice into more deeper frequency.

Voice has to be in harmony with person’s physical appearance , gender and structure.

Voice masculinization surgery for transgender

Doctor can alter the voice with 3 tricks.

By simply changing the thickness, the length and the tension of the vocal folds and get a lower voice.

Decreasing the tension of the vocal folds, which decreases the pitch is one way for sure to reach deeper voice.

Voice masculinization surgery for FTM transgender

Given the fact that 25% of transmen are unsatisfied with their voice, voice masculinization surgery is a must and a good alternative for many transmen.

How do you masculinize FTM voice? Is it possible via surgery?

Yes, it is possible to change the voice of FTM patients.

Deeper voice for FTM patients can be achieved.

Voice surgery, Voice deepening surgery, Voice masculinization surgery is performed by Prof Dr. Kursat Yelken.

FTM voice masculinization surgery is done under local anesthesia.

Doctor talk to you during the operation so you two decide the new tone of your voice together.

There will be a skin incision on your neck below Adam’s apple approximately 2.5 cm and this incision heals very well in one week.

The change in voice is permanent.

FTM voice masculinization is a quiet safe procedure with minimal risks of surgery and since it is done under local therefore no risks associated by anesthesia.

Doctor can discharge you from hospital the same day of surgery several hours after operation so you need to stay for one night in Istanbul.

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FTM Voice deepening surgery cost is xx euros and this includes all hospital expenses and preoperative tests.

If you want ,we can arrange your hotel accommodation and all your transfers from airport to hotel and to hospital, this is extra €200 euros for transfers and €100 euros for hotel per night.

You can send us a voice record counting 1-to-10 for Doctor to analyze so he can roughly estimate your voice frequency.

FTM transition is more than Top Surgery. You need to find your voice!