FTM Transgender Full Beard Transplant

Did you know that a Hair Transplant is an option if you are struggling to grow facial hair as FTM Transgender?

There is a hair transplant center in Turkey provides services to FTM Transgender patients to get painless full beard & mustache transplant.

FTM Trans Beard growth –We can help you on the way.

FTM Transgender Beard Transplant

Transgender or CIS, there is not guarantee that you will be able to grow full beard or even any facial hair at all.

Beard growth is based largely on genetics.

FTM transgender patients often desire a full, dark beard and can frequently benefit from facial hair transplant surgery even if they are simultaneously engaged in oHrmone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

You can combine FTM Top surgery together with painless beard transplant to achieve the masculine aesthetic look you desire while saving 50%.

FTM facial hair transplant can give  FTM patients fuller, thicker looking facial hair, including eyebrows, beards, goatees, mustaches, and sideburns.

FTM Beard Transplant Cost

FTM full beard transplants with advanced equipment  to fill in facial areas that currently don’t grow hair can cost starts from €2,500 again depending on the number of grafts implanted.

FUE & DHI 7000 Grafts special Cost is  €3000  including Your Hotel Accommodation.

Does FTM Beard Transplant Look Natural?

FTM Transgender Full Beard Transplant is a permanent solution for FTM trans-men and natural look can be achieved if it is done by professionals.

FTM Beard Transplant Recovery

FTM beard transplant full recovery day is 1 day only. Tiny crusts may form around each newly implanted hair follicle, but these should flake off within a few days. After about 10 days, you should be able to start shaving normally and trimming your new beard.

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More detailed instructions will be provided during consultation process as each patient is different.

We will make sure that you get a custom-tailored FTM transgender beard transplant consultation from professionals.

To learn more about how facial hair transplant techniques can benefit Female to Male Transgenders, or to schedule a consultation with board-certified hair loss surgeon, please feel free to contact today!