FTM and MTF Transition:

Hello everyone,

Transgender people have range of experiences with transitioning.

Available surgeries for FTM & MTF:

Whether you consider MTF facial feminization surgery (ffs), FTM top surgery, chest masculinization, subcutaneous mastectomy, voice feminization, vaginoplasty, orchiectomy, rhinoplasty, or breast augmentation there are few things to consider before you get your flight to Istanbul as it is a highly personal decision.

Timeline of Gender Confirmation Surgical Process:

Make sure you take your time to research, plan, and find support by contacting us.

After doing your research and talking to our list of surgeons via chat & online consultation, surgeons will check your needs, medical history, and may or may not approve your operation(s).

Once approved, then you can book your flight & hotel (through our travel agency or by yourself). We will welcome you at the Airport to take you to Hospital in Istanbul to get examined where specific details about the procedures you and your surgeon identify, including the risks, benefits, and what to expect after surgery.

The surgeon will ensure that you are healthy enough for surgery during face-to-face examination.

Once the surgical procedures starts, the amount of time until completion is variable depending on the number of procedures you desired and your recovery time, etc.

Every person’s treatment is tailor-made, individualized, so there’s not one linear path on one person’s journey. Procedures need to be done in the safest way possible to avoid complications.

MTF & FTM Surgery Procedures:

Mandatory Prerequisites:
?Real transgender with gender dysphoria, documented if possible.

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?Checking to see if there’s any Factor V Leiden History

?Healthy and Emotionally stable

?Adult age (At least 18 years old)

?Our Doctor will have an online one-on-one consultation to prepare your trip may ask for more documents. You may ask for more than one procedure to get done.

?Filled & signed Medical History & Patient Consent Form before your trip to Istanbul.

?Request beforehand for individually customized surgeries.

Bear in mind that the quality of a person’s life appears to improve after gender affirmation surgery for transgender people who transition. One 2017 study found that surgical satisfaction ranged from 94% to 100%

The Surgery: What does it cost?

Gender Confirmation Surgery costs have different range. Doctor will give you the total cost based on your list of procedures.

Neda Transgender Health Care Advisor provides affirming, objective, person-centered advisory service to improve your health and enhance your wellness.

I provide my service with passion as a trans man and my girlfriend as MTF since we both completed our transitioning we know what to expect. I will work closely with you to assist you during your journey. Not only I am your friend, but also someone who has been through the similar transformation steps.

I will be your affiliated agency between Hospital & Surgeons and fully funded by surgeon. My consultancy and advisory services will require no additional cost on your medical bill. You will pay directly to Doctor at the Hospital, not to me. This means that you will receive the free-of-charge medical consulting service, over night care-giving service and Airport Shuttle Transfer service from me once you choose to get my service & book everything through me.

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