Facial Feminization Rhinoplasty

The nose is a central feature of the face and an important marker for identifying gender therefore the role of rhinoplasty surgery in transitioning transgender patients is significant.

The decision to transition is not easy, but your choice of a plastic surgeon for your MTF rhinoplasty can be easy.

We work with couple of listed board certified doctors who have specialized in facial plastic surgery including transgender rhinoplasty in Istanbul to help you.

The person transitioning from male to female chose rhinoplasty surgery to feminize the nose and overall appearance.

MTF Rhinoplasty

Female noses tend to be shorter, with narrower and well defined dorsum and uplifted smaller tips which is called ‘barbie nose’ among trans woman and preferred a lot.

MTF patients mainly seek the followings during consultation:

  • Upturned tip
  • Smaller, more slender
  • Slightly concave nasal bridge
  • Narrower nostrils
  • Less bone

Nose Feminization Surgery

Nose Feminization Surgery is popular among trans woman however nose surgery alone may not be enough to give trans patient a feminine face.

MTF Rhinoplasty should be part of facial feminization surgery (ffs) and performed together with the rest of your FFS procedures by scheduling at least 2 sessions. These sessions can be days or weeks /months apart according to surgeon.

Female Rhinoplasty has an aesthetically important for MTF patients and needs to be harmonized with forehead and chin.

Feminine nose can be combined with forehead reconstruction and lip lift, chin reduction, etc. to achieve the feminine profile.

Facial Feminization Rhinoplasty Goal

Facial Feminization Rhinoplasty goal is to give you the best and most natural results however due to FFS considerations needs, surgeon will sit down together with you to make an individual, tailor-made plan.

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Your full facial feminization surgery plan and 3D face remodeling can be prepared together with surgeon.

Rhinoplasty, Anterior Hairline lowering, Jaw angle reduction, Forehead contouring, Lip lift together can naturally feminize the face and body for trans women.

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