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Sex reassignment surgery (SRS), also known as gender reassignment surgery (GRS), Gender Affirmation Surgery and several other names are being used nowadays to describe surgical procedures by which a transgender person’s physical appearance and function of their existing sexual characteristics are altered to match their identified gender.

We choose to go ahead and use Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS) on this page.

FTM Top Surgery, (Mastectomy) to make you become the man you were meant to be is not hard in our opinion. Doctor perfected his technique to deliver exceptional results to hundreds of his patients.

FTM Top Surgery goal is to satisfy your outcome with personalized gender affirmation surgery. Our doctors are passionate and discreet on working with community members.

I am one of his previous patient as well. By looking at my expression, you can see how happy I am, I feel free & at ease in my own skin.

Top surgery will help you as well by restoring your confidence and boosting your self-image.

Doctor’s exceptional symmetric and aesthetic result gave me a masculine profile which made me extremely happy. Nipple sensation is kept in my result however each patient is different, results may vary.

Most updated techniques will be used during your top surgery. Double incision top surgery with free graft, keyhole top surgery, top surgery revisions are the most common procedures our surgeons use. يمكن اجراء عملية الصدر الجراحية للترانس مان بشكل ناجح في اسطنبول لمزيد من المعلومات يرجى الاتصال بالرقم الموجود بالويب سايت في هذه الصفحة

Is this procedure right for you? Let’s find out all together by discussing with Doctor.

This is your journey, highly personal therefore we can relate & take you seriously. You need to save your time & money while sensing comfort. We will be glad to share our experience and recovery with you during your decision process.

We can advise on the following FTM masculinization surgeries including chest masculinization surgery (top surgery)

Revision Surgery: If you are unhappy with your previous surgical results, fell free to contact us. Breast implant revision surgery, FTM mastectomy revision surgery, revision breast reduction surgery can be designed by surgeons.

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