Top Surgery Guide

There are so many guide and guidelines about Top Surgery nowadays.

We try to keep it short & simple and those who like to dig in more can always contact Doctor to hold free online consultation.

Top Surgery Doctors hold free virtual online consultations to ease your anxiety, answer your surgery-related questions and discuss overall recovery process with you.

Top Surgery Guide for FTM

When it comes  someone who also had his FTM Top Surgery, I will be your guide, translator and assistant to prepare your accommodation, transfers, pharmacy purchases, city tour guide and so on, we will respond all your requests during your stay.

FTM Top Surgery & FTN Top Surgery Guide

FTM and FTN gender affirming surgeries for transgender men and non-binary individuals to create masculine chest is done..

You will be requested to stay min of 7 nights post-op in the city

How old do I have to be to get Top Surgery?

18 years old and above with Gender Dysphoria Letter (if possible)

How much does FTM Top Surgery Cost in average?

Depending on your chest size this will be subject to change but in average cost will be provided during online consultation.

Which Top Surgery Incisions / techniques are used?

Doctors use DI (Double incision with free nipple grafts) or peri areolar with areola reduction top surgery methods.

Non-binary patients who do not want to keep their nipple must let Doctor know about it beforehand during the online consultation.

How painful is Top Surgery?

From 1-to 10 scale, most patients rate their surgery pain as somewhere between 2-3

When will I get my last control before I go home? When will my bandages come off?

Either on your last day or 1 day before you return home, Doctor will ask you to visit them to remove your bandages for chest & nipple reveal day.

During that time, they will instruct you how to take care of your scars, what to do and what not to do, etc.

How long is Top Surgery recovery?

After 4 weeks post-op, you will be back to your normal life routines.

Shall I stop using HRT before Top Surgery?

Yes, Doctor will tell you during online consultation to stop 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery.

How long will I keep Medical Vest (Pressure Vest) on?

3 weeks long

Female -to-male, female-to-nonbinary top surgery clinics and Doctors will assist you more once you get in touch with them.

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