What is Non-binary gender identity?

Non-binary gender identity is any gender identity that does not fall exclusively within the binary of male or female.

Can I get Non-binary Top surgery?

Non-binary surgery and non-binary surgical techniques are used with non-binary identifying patients.

What is non-binary surgery?

Non-binary surgery is a surgery that eliminate or reduce feelings of gender dysphoria.

Non-binary top surgery is a surgical procedure to remove female breast tissues and fat tissues to create a more comfortable body type for non-binary patients.

Nonbinary top surgery can be lifesaving for patients on an emotional level, relieving the burden of unwanted female breast and fat tissues.

Some non-binary individuals who do not wish to undergo hormone therapy can still get their Top Surgery here in İstanbul, Turkey.

Can I get Non-binary top surgery ?

It is possible for non-binary, gender queer patients to get top surgery in abroad.

FTN, Nonbinary top surgery also involves bilateral mastectomy with free nipple graft and areola reconstruction to achieve a flatter chest more in line with the patient’s desire (with or without a nipple).

Non-binary top surgery patients who do not take Hormones yet still want to get this only surgery to pursue their transition can schedule their appointment and consult Doctor.

Top surgery for transgender and non-binary patients:

Surgical options available for transgender and non-binary are pretty much the same here except nipple options.

Some non-binary patients prefer not keeping the nipple. Doctor will give opportunity for non-binary patient to discuss available options and design the chest together with patient.

Transgender top surgery consultations are mainly focused on the chest masculinization contour meanwhile gender neutral & non-binary top surgery can be modified & planned according to patients need during consultation with Doctor.

Can I get a Top Surgery if I am Non-binary?

Yes, you can.

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