Online Life Coaching and Mentoring for Transgenders:

Online coaching is a great way to set and achieve your life and transition goals.

By contacting Melissa you can receive online coaching from the comfort of your home. She has the generous heart of coaching.

You will enjoy her technique and explore happiness after your sessions with her.

Melissa’s Online Life Coaching services will cover followings:


*Gender Dysphoria

*Gender Transition


*Top Surgery Considerations For Non-Binary Folks

*Online healing services to entire transgender community (Lgbtq+ and non-binary community)

*Gender Bias Trauma

  • Post-Trauma

*Relationship problems (family, work/colleagues, friends)

*Pre and Post transition services (….)

*Growing self-esteem

*Theta healing

   **Teenager  coaching services

    **Tailor-made coaching services

*Personality issues

*Covid19- related stress and anxiety reduction by online-coaching

*Career coaching

*School/educational coaching

*Trans surgeries are Non-reversible and critical life-time decision that needs to be considered throughly.

-Generally, once a week sessions with Melissa will be required.

-Some trans & non-binary patients who are in better shape, may need once a month therapy.

Melissa will provide a safe place to explore issues related to happiness and quality of life through Transgender Online Coaching Sessions.

Online and Telephone Life Coaching is available now!

Learn more by getting in touch with Melissa or WhatsApp today!

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Biography of Melissa Ayca Yildiran

She was born in Istanbul with a deep root of multinational family going back to Greek, Italian and Turks.

Author, Artist, Coach and Instructor.

Teaching Mindfulness to corporations and individuals.

Established Life Art Platform with  ”Living is an Art” motto.

See also  Top Surgery Guide

Published Mindfulness book series for adults and children

Received Mindfulness courses in Sri Lanka, Male, Greece, Italy and Turkey.  Theology courses which she took for long-time period are completed in Turkey and Italy.

Mindfulness, Spiritualism, Indian Philosphy courses were taken in Sri Lanka and during Healing, Yoga & Meditation trainings she received Yoga Heart and added International Yoga Alliance teachers certification with completion thesis of ”Mindful Yoga”.

After doing intense research, found out that subconscious and blockage plays a  huge role in mindfulness.

She took psychology, science and subconscious mind trainings to solve and remove subconscious blockages.

She took an advantage of the art therapy trainings in which she received connecting link between science and mindfulness, she blends that with art and applies it in her own courses.

Most of her work and courses take place in Athens and Istanbul.

Here’s some of the academic training she received on Mindfulness Coaching & Life Coaching:

NLP Master, Hypnosis Master, Psychology, Spiritual Coaching, Theology, Mindful Yoga Teaching, Instructor, Mindfulness I, II, III and Mindfulness Master, Therapeutic Art, Art Therapy for Self, Art Therapy for Others, Forensic Healing, Depression Counseling Diploma (Advenced ), Hypnotherapy For Children Diploma, Life Coaching Diploma, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Energy, Spritual Healing, Advance Theta Healer trainings. Completed education in Sri Lanka, Male, Germany, Italy, Greece and Turkey.

Melissa is a life coach that you can connect with online to get the motivation & support you need to complete your transition!